Dave Wall has an enviable reputation in the field of image retouching and photo manipulation, often seen traveling the world teaching other fellow professionals.

Being one of only a handful of Adobe Community Professionals in the UK rest assured you are in good hands with Dave. Whether it be simple colour correction, RAW image processing or advanced Photoshop voodoo no job is to small (or too big).

Dave also has an enviable retouching skill set which has been recognized by Adobe, being awarded the titles of Adobe Influencer and Adobe Community Professional. In addition to this Wacom also personally invited Dave to join the handful of people around the world who can wall themselves Wacom Evangelists ...... praise indeed.  

Dave's vision as a photographer and not a retoucher has enabled him to connect and understand other photographers needs. A rare talent indeed and one that has led him to retouch images for many leading photographers and a plethora of magazines and  multinationals around the globe.

Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom are the tools of choice for Dave but he is also fully conversant with many other leading software packages.

Whether it it be workflow issues, colour management problems, error correction or just to create the impossible then why not give Dave a call to discuss your needs.

If someone breaks your heart, just PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. Seriously. PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE and go get some ice cream !
— Frank Ocean