The only way to keep fresh in an ever fluid industry is to push personal projects and take photographs purely for the fun of it ....... like the good old days.

As a professional photographer for nearly 30 years this is not only therapy but a way to push boundaries with no constraints gaining new skills and ideas along the way.

Without these projects "I personally" would become stale and totally comMercially biased which stifles creativity ...... which is not a good in a creative industry.

These images are just a small collection of what "makes me tick" creatively, AND ARE OFTEN DESCRIBED AS COMING FROM "A DARK MIND", OFTEN DESTINED FOR BOOK COVERS ACROSS THE GLOBE.

OFTEN, HOWEVER MIXED with a little humor AND FINE ART JUST for good measure !




Old photographs are your history as a person, treasure them dearly as with the passing of time your memories will fade. These little scraps of paper will be the only true recollection of that one fleeting moment from your past, captured in time forever.
— Dave Wall 2015


My most precious photograph .........

me and my late Dad on holiday in Wales in the early 1970s