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What can I say ?

Sometimes i am humbled by what people say .......

Just seen a old post on my personal Facebook page from a few years ago. I was saying that I needed to up my game and learn Photoshop. I attempted to do it by buying books and magazines but being dyslexic I struggled. The start of this year I bit the bullet and decided that I needed to spend some money and do some one 2 one training. I am now 6 months in to a year long mentoring with Dave Wall, and boy what a difference this has made on my Photoshop knowledge. I am still learning and will always continue to learn but the progress I have achieved has surprised not only Dave but me. I am still making mistakes but learning from them. In a way this training has also boosted my confidence in my photography. It has opened new lines of business through being accepted to Arcangel Images. Although I still need to get more images online with them.
If your considering under taking training then look at one2one training. Forget about the group training sessions, as you may only be getting 1/20th of the time of the trainer. There will be questions you think are stupid to ask or feel that everyone else knows so you don't ask. There will be one who jumps in the way when photographing the model, or starts interfering in what your doing when your try to pose the model. When you book a one2one you should make sure it is designed around your needs. Feel free to ask the daftest, stupidest questions because sometimes its that answer that will pay for the whole course. Make sure your trainer is also doing the job they are training in. Running a wedding photography course when they don't do weddings is stupid. If your looking at any course look at the trainers work, ensure its there work and not done when they were on a training course. To many photographers are doing training and then going on to run their own courses using someone elses material.
I now need to get on and revise. I thought I had left exams behind when I left school, but tomorrow is my exam on what I have learnt so far in Photoshop. I am not expecting an easy exam either.

VERY kinds words from Luke Orwin !!