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The Pavement Project

I am pleased to announce a new an ongoing fine art photography project entitled "The Pavement Project".

A collection of images based around the beauty that is beneath our feet that we literally just walk past oblivious to it's existence.

I realize many just won't "get it" and if so I have succeeded. Art should challenge the senses, confuse the mind and inspire the soul ....... enjoy


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ON1 Photo RAW ----- OMG WOW !

A number of people have asked me about the new On1 RAW convertor and is it any good (as I have been playing with the beta for a few weeks now)?

I am still getting to grips with it --- BUT --- WOW ----- bloody hell it's quick !

VERY VERY VERY impressed I have to say !!!!

EASILY the best thing On1 have EVER produced !!!

Is it worth the upgrade --- HELL YES !! on offer at $79

Is it worth the money for the full version ---- HELL YES !!!! on offer at $99

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SWPP Monthy Competition

I don't really get much chance to enter competitions these days due to my hectic workload. However if I get a spare minute I like to try my hand and enter some images into the mix. The SWPP monthly competition is a BIGGY ----- June alone had 956 entries !!!!

Out of the 7 images I entered in June ---- I received one Gold for this image

.... and

No less than FIVE ---- Highly Commended !!!!

6 winners out of 7 !

Not too shabby

For an old bloke !