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Me and Jeffery Deaver

As most people already know I take photographs for thriller book covers for a living (amongst other things)
Even though this a major part of my income ….. and one that I dearly love, it is not very often I get to meet the authors (if ever) of the books where my images are used

However yesterday was a rare treat !!!!!!!!!

Often when  you get to meet people you admire they often disappoint …….. yesterday I finally got to meet the crime writing god that is Jeffery Deaver ……. and he definitely did not disappoint in any way !!

What a really, really nice genuine guy. 

I finally got to meet him at one of his book signings for his new thriller  "The Kill Room", which my photograph adorns both the front and back covers.
I had a quick chance to talk to his publicist before the event started and introduced myself (not thinking a great deal about it being honest).
However an hour or so later when my turn came for my book to be signed I was greeted with "So your Dave the guy who shot the cover?" 

Coooool !!!!!!!

Much to the dismay of the publicist and the rather large queue behind me Mr. Deaver preceded to chat to me in depth about photography (one of his passions) and his new Sony RX1 camera.
And also a sneak insight to his new book …… which was just great.
….. and yes I will admit …….. I was a little starstruck. 
For him to spent the time to chat to me on a totally personal level was just fantastic !!!!!!

deaver 1deaver 3deaver 2

Another great training session (Stock Photography)

Great training session in sunny Barnsley yesterday ....... a group session on Stock Photography ...... fun and laughs had by all (with a little bit of training thrown in as well)

Thanks for making the day soooooooo much fun !!!!!!!!!

A really great success ..... hopefully should be having a follow up repeat show in Manchester soon !

Here is what people had to say:

Great day and tutor. I came along with no idea about what Stock Photography could do for me. Now I have a clear plan of action that I fully intend to implement!
Donnie Canning (Donnie Photography)

A most informative insight, into the world of Stock Photography. Anyone wishing to enter this area could do far worse than attend Dave wall’s excellent course.
Jeff Boston

A very enjoyable, light hearted but VERY informative course. Great pace and delivery
Paul McDowall (Contrejour Photography)

Very interesting perspective on stock photography, outlining potential business areas. A really enjoyable way to spend a day
Gareth Keevil

Excellent and thought provoking day, allowing me to take “Stock” (pun intended) of my future plans in this market. Highly Recommended.
David Goodier (DG Wedding Photography)

Interesting insight, finding out pretty much anything sells (within reason). Easy and interesting course.
Rob Mank (Rob Mank Photography)

Excellent presentation. Very Informative!
Russell Dixon (Dervish Images)

Interesting and information given I would never had thought of. Very amusing delivery
Yvonne Smith (Evie Smith Photography)

Training with Dave Charnley Photography

Had a fantastic training session with Dave Charnley yesterday of Dave Charnley Photography. A brilliant seasoned press pro who’s work is just awesome !
Although Dave’s photography is outstanding he felt that he needed some guidance on a variety of workflow issues and also a crash course in Adobe Lightroom.

Although Dave has had various different training sessions on Adobe Lightroom he felt that he hadn’t quite grasped it concepts and usability within his own workflow..... hence his session with me .... Photographer to Photographer !

Choosing the best training partner (in my opinion) is all about being trained by someone who understands “the industry” and more importantly “your requirements” ........ in other words another fellow pro (not just a “trainer&rdquoWinking !!!!!

Here is what Dave had to say about our session:

Every year I try to attend training courses to learn new skills. I was recommended to Dave Wall via twitter from an Adobe industry professional.

After chatting to Dave with regards my LR training needs, he tailored the training to my requirements.
I was a little reserved that I would leave feeling confused like many technical training courses I have been too over the years, however this was totally unfounded.
I just loved how Dave simplified his teaching and helped make me understand (going over the same questions I had, until I got it !)

I would 100% recommend Dave Wall for Lightroom training - I cannot wait now to save time on the dreaded post-production. “

Take a look at Daves work at

Training with Perfect Narrative Photography

Had a great couple of days over in Grimsby last week running a one2one training session with Paul and Debbie Bucknall of Perfect Narrative Photography.
So I suppose that is a one 2-2 training session then ?

Anyway great sessions helping them both to get more organised and also develop a simple and effective workflow for the various types of work they undertake.

Here are the lovely comments they have just sent over

We have just undergone a one to one training day with Dave and it was worth every penny.
The course was individually targeted to our specific needs that we had discussed with Dave and was completely personal to us and how we are set up in our business. The information we took away from the day will put us in good stead for many years to come and included ranging from a more simplistic workflow to more complex retouching techniques.
We would wholeheartedly recommend the one to one sessions at whatever level of experience and expertise you would like to attain.
These are words from both of us and they are truthfully meant!!
Paul and Debbie from Perfect Narrative Photography

Take a look at their funky website ....... with the NICEST logo I have EVER come across !!!!!!!!!!


Multi Award Winning ....... You Betcha ! PART 2 !!!

....... and if that wasn’t enough ?!?!?1

So far in The Societies (SWPP) monthly competition I have managed to amass a WHOPPING 12 Highly Commended !

WOW .............